Webinar : Win-Win: Gender Equality means Good Business

13 Sep
13 Sep

*in cooperation with EU Delegation Brazil

Program implemented by the ILO and UN Women, funded by the European Union. The programme aims to promote gender equality to strengthen women's economic empowerment and leadership as a basis for sustainable, inclusive, and equitable growth.

The ILO, UN Women, the EU and the IOE will open the exchange. Subsequently, CEOs from four Latin-American companies will share the initiatives and actions they have applied in their businesses to continue carrying out their activities, and what steps they are planning to execute when they resume their operations. Likewise, the CEOs will comment on what gender equality initiatives or policies will be useful in this new scenario.

Date: August 13th

Time: 8:30 hs. Costa Rica

          9:30 hs. Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Jamaica, Mexico

         10:30 hs. de Chile

         11:30 hs. Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay

Location: online Webinar

*information provided on website



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