NEXT – New Exploration technologies FINAL EVENT

15 Sep
15 Sep

Innovative and more socially acceptable exploration technologies with lower costs and minimal environmental impact are called for to identify targets for detailed exploration. Successful implementation will lead to the discovery of new deposits and upgrading of the mineral potential in the EU while offering tools to reduce negative impacts on communities and impact on the environment.

The main objective of NEXT project was to develop innovative and sensitive exploration concepts and technologies, and to investigate factors affecting their acceptance by the society. The overall methodology in NEXT was structured around three pillars of technological advances:

• Mineral systems modeling,

• Exploration methods and approaches, and

• Data processing and data integration tools

The aim of the NEXT final event is to present and discuss innovative exploration concepts and technologies that can be optimized for diverse mineral systems and for a variety of geographical areas in the EU. Together these will extend the existing knowledge of European mineral resources, will help secure the domestic supply of both major commodities and critical raw materials, and will launch socio-environmental innovation approaches in the mining industry.

The event will bring together anybody interested in the results of the NEXT project, including the participants of EU projects related to mineral exploration; mining and mineral exploration companies, governmental authorities, universities, NGOs and other stakeholders in order to:

• Highlight the latest innovations, solutions and advancements in the exploration sector

• Highlight the economic, commercial, and technological benefits and factors affecting social acceptance of exploration

• Promote best practices in mineral exploration reducing environmental impact and improving relationships with local community actors

• Strengthen the cooperation between European projects dealing with exploration

Time : 13:00 - 17:00 (CET)