The international composition of the advisors with 9 Latin American (2 of them from the EU Delegations to Mexico and to Brazil) and 10 European members (from which 2 are from DG GROW), will ensure that the platform reflects both the perspectives from Latin American and European Union countries and account for a high-level multi-stakeholder participation:

Latin America
Ms. Sylvia Gladys Gimbernat Undersecretary of Mining Policy, Ministry of Productive Development Argentina
Mr. Samir Nahass Senior Advisor for International Affairs, Ministry of Mining and Energy Brazil
Mr. Andrés González Analyst, Chilean Copper Commission (COCHILCO) Chile
Ms. Tatiana Aguilar Director of Corporate Mining, Ministry of Mining and Energy Colombia
Mr. Jose Rafael Jabalera Batista Director General of Mining Development, Sub-secretary of Mining, Ministry of Economic Affairs México
Mr. Luis Augusto Ducassi Director General of Mining Promotion and Sustainability, Ministry of Energy and Mining (MINEM) Perú
Ms. Natalia Bertullo Technical Advisor to the National Directorate of Industries, Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining (MIEM) Uruguay
Mr. Vincente Gutierrez Spain Vincente Gutierrez Director General, National Confederation of Mining and Metalurgical Companies (CONFEDEM) Spain
Mr. Luís Martins President of the Board, Cluster Portugal Mineral Resources Portugal
Ms. Aurela Shtiza Policy Director, IMA Europe EU-wide
Mr. Jan Chmelík Head of the Americas Unit, Ministry of Industry and Trade Czech Republic
Mr. Peer Hoth Department Head, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Industry (BMWi) Germany
Mr. Jean-François Gaillaud Deputy of Mineral Resources, Ministry of Economy and Finances France
Ms. Joanna Kulczycka Department Head, Energy Economy Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences Poland
Mr. Massimo Gasparon Director of Innovation, EIT Raw Materials EU-wide
Representatives from European Commission
Mr. Gerardo Herrera Policy Officer, European Commission - DG GROW Belgium
Ms. Helena Cavaco Viegas Policy Officer in the Energy Intensive Industries and Raw Materials Unit, European Commission - DG GROW Belgium
Ms. Lucrecia Cibrian Attaché, FPI Regional Team Americas, EUD Mexico México
Ms. Maria Rosa Sabatelli First Secretary, Head of Section, FPI Regional Team Americas, EUD Brazil Brazil